Christian Herzog

Christian Herzog

About me

I am a transdisciplinary researcher combining ethics and technology research.

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I am Professor for the Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of AI at the University of Lübeck and Head of the Ethical Innovation Hub.
My main research focuses on ethical and epistemological aspects related to artificial intelligence in medicine. I am further interested in the ethics and societal effects of digitalization, e.g., in medicine and public administration. I consider connecting and engaging with the public, industry and politics as part of my profession to advance responsible technology. In addition, I believe that pursuing innovative ways in engineering ethics education is one of the noblest tasks I am allowed to do.

Contact Information

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Herzog, M.A.
+49 451 3101 6211
University of Lübeck Bld. 64, Room 0.106 Ratzeburger Allee 160 23562 Lübeck


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